Children In Need 2015

By 25th November 2015 July 8th, 2019 Events

Dressing up for Children in Need

We are serious about fundraising. Well, maybe ‘serious’ isn’t the right word, but we do care a lot about raising money for charities, such as Children in Need. This year, instead of our usual ‘dress in pyjamas’, we decided to dress as our childhood heroes, or, given that it was Friday 13th November, as supernatural.

The 2015 Children in Need effort The 2015 Children in Need effort

Everyone dressed up for the occasion! If you can't hover over the above image, click here to see a list of who was who!

From Left to Right:

Norm: A Formal Zombie

Michael: Kevin Keegan

Claire: Wonder Woman

Aggie: A Truck Driver

John: Slash (Guns ‘n’ Roses)

Sally: Mario

Rebecca: Pudsey

Bev: Edina (Ab Fab)

Philippa: Whiplash (Turbo)

Maria: Mrs. Incredible

Gerry: Hugh Hefner

Kym: A Vampire

Suzy: Gerry’s Murdered PA from the 70s

Mandy: Pocahontas

Sara: A Dark Angel

Rachel: A Unicorn

Karissa: Baby Spice

Fleur: Indiana Jones

Ieva: A Skeleton

Suzanne: A Zombie

Eric: Starsky

Sarah: Cowgirl

Davinia: Minnie Mouse

Ant: His Dad

Steve: Green Arrow

Marc: Hutch

Lou: A Witch

Sue: Milk Tray Lady

Anna: Pink Lady (Grease)

Magda: A Geisha

Dominic: Clark Kent with hidden Superman

A Feast on Friday

As well as dressing up, we brought in food that either we’d bought or made for the occasion. Costume‑wearers were suggested to pay £5 to partake in the feast, or £10 for those that hadn’t dressed up. Almost everyone did indeed dress up (the one who didn’t shall not be named!) and we managed to raise a fantastic £130 for Children in Need.

A Curry in Kenilworth

Many of us ended the day by descending on Kenilworth for a post‑work curry. To make things more interesting, the majority of attendees left their fineries on and attended the meal in full motley. It was a fantastic end to the day, and indeed the week, and was enjoyed by all.