Tune’s brief

To create bespoke wall graphics and an effective wayfinding system that is also fun and characterful to reflect the Tune brand.

What we did

In order to enhance the work that our interior designers had already produced for the hotel, the LC Studio designed wall graphics and wayfinding signage that complemented and added to the guest experience through a fun character. Because of the hotel’s origins lie in Malaysia, we developed the elephant as a brand mascot which featured throughout the artwork we created.

With the aim being to make guests feel relaxed and ‘at home’ before they even reach their room, we used the elephant to create fun icons and symbols whilst clearly conveying the directions available to the guest, as well as any additional information.

The elephant was also introduced into the wall graphics to intersperse the hotel’s beginnings with the location of the hotel in central London. This was achieved by adding the elephant into images of London, thus creating an interesting and engaging addition to the iconic London cityscape.

Tune wayfinding signage
Compositional wall art with urbanised elephants as a running theme
Day menu
Utamu dinner menu
Utamu kids’ menu
Drinks menu
Grab & Go takeaway bag
Grab & Go meal deal poster
Cultural wall art
Room map showing local amenities