New client alert! Simpsons Restaurant

By 1st July 2015 April 17th, 2018 Latest work

New client in Birmingham (not Springfield)

The studio have been tasked with developing a fresh, new brand for the acclaimed Simpsons Restaurant in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

For over 20 years, Simpsons is one of the most critically‑acclaimed restaurants in Birmingham. With such delicious food, they needed an equally appetising brand image to get mouths watering before their diners even sit down.

Food at Simpsons

The existing brand was outdated and in contrast to their food, left a bad taste in the mouth. No matter how good a Michelin Star looks, it is no match for a good overall brand!

With some great branding options from us, Simpsons could have a beautiful new sheen.

Interior Design

Leisure Concepts, our interior design contingent, have also been refurbishing Simpsons as part of the brand new look. They hope it will be a refreshing makeover which will revitalise the restaurant.

You’ll find it hard to resist the lure of such amazing food; brand identity AND interior design all rolled into one!