Sports day for the LC Studio

By 18th June 2015 July 31st, 2019 Events

In the name of team building and fun, we donned our sporty spandex and held our first annual Sports Day in Royal Leamington Spa at Newbold Comyn. When I say “Sports Day”, what I really mean is a few innings of rounders (the British and superior predecessor to baseball) and a kick about. Though it can not be denied that our day was, in fact, a sporty one.

Due to our numbers, our teams were split between the Studio and the rest of Leisure Concepts. Although we didn’t necessarily ‘win’ (I prefer  ‘deterred success’, but we’re not bitter), we had a lot of fun whilst bonding as a team and thus fortifying our working relationships. Even if we didn’t win (again, not bitter).

I didn’t want to win anyway, losing is far more beneficial for building character.

Since we had such beautiful weather all day, we ended our outing with a trip to the Newbold Comyn Arms where the team building intensified over a delicious barbecue, with drinks and a natter, all whilst dressed in fluorescent strips and a rosette each.