A super blood moon and its beauty

By 1st October 2015 July 31st, 2019 This week

As designers, we appreciate the beauty in everything whether it’s man‑made or natural. When it comes to natural beauty, the universe definitely delivered this week. The lunar eclipse coincided with a super moon to produce a stunning ‘super blood moon’ in the early hours of Monday, September 28th. Witnessing this spectacle of nature in the flesh was beautiful, but capturing and sharing it wasn’t as easy as just pointing a camera at the moon and pressing the shutter button. Because of the moon illusion, a photographer would need to use a lens with a focal length of 200mm–300mm or higher on a DSLR camera or an optical zoom of x10 on a regular camera.

When taken correctly, the results can be astounding. Following the event, hundreds of beautiful photos of the blood moon appeared on the web. Some were image sequences, some as grainy spots and some in high resolution with all the intricate details of the moon in full view.

If you missed the rare super blood moon (which, if in the UK, wouldn’t be terribly surprising since it began at 1am and lasted 5 hours!), then I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until October 8th, 2033 and even that won’t be visible in the UK. Fortunately, the next total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27th, 2018, so not as long a wait!

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